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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Cover Soft Gel 0363

$45.99 $16.99

We are in Case-Mobile know how important to you, your smartphone, because that reason we offer soft gel back case which protect your device from any damage, The case made from soft gel which called TPU for maximum protection, every case produced individual to your order. Free Shipping World Wide.

About the product
This case fit to your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (model specifications, photos of model, brand website) and very easy to installation on your smartphone, this case made from TPU material, TPU is soft gel which give maximum protection to your device and give a long life to the case. The thickness of the case is 0.4 mm it’s give to him consider not much, So you won’t feel the difference with the case, but it’s will be strongly protected.

About Us
We are at Case-mobile have big experience with smartphone cases, we work 5 years like manufactory which produce print case, we have our community of our customer which trust in our products, you can make buy product and join to our community of our customers.

About the our brand
Our brand dived to two piece, first is custom cases where you can designs your favorite case with your favorite photos in different collages like 1 photo, 2 photo, 3 photo, 8 photo, 20 photo, 32 Photo and more… and the second type of our product is collation cases where you can choose from our collation which include 50 designs for each model, all products are fit to around 1000 different models and more 25 brands of smartphones.

All order which you make transferred to out manufactory for production, production take 1-3 days working days, after production the case will be packing in box and packing in shipping pack, and shipping to your address directly. All cases produced individual for each order which give you a fresh product.

We have two types of shipping, first is free shipping worldwide must country in the world will received the product with 7-14 days, the second type, If you need the order really urgent, is DHL Express courier service, Will deliver the product within 3-5 business days, the price of this service is 45$ to all countries.

Gift Card
Do you have a friend or girlfriend that you want to surprise him with as a gift? But do not know what kind of phone he has, no problem we thought of a solution, you can use our GIFT CARD service and send their e-mail with a gift and they will choose what is right for them. In our service you can choose $ 25, $ 50, $ 75 and $ 100.

If you are company which want to make surprise to there employees, and want to make order with big amount of case, so you in the right place we have discounts to your company, all discount you will received automatically after you add to cart
5-9 pieces = 20% off
10-19 pieces = 30% off
20-59 pieces = 40% off
60-100 pieces = 50% off

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