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Cases for Sony

The Sony brand is recognized throughout the world due to its long flawless history, highest quality and top specifications of its devices. Sony started to produce its smartphones in 2001 in Japan, and today their sales constitute 7% of the world mobile phone market.

Our online store offers high-quality phone cases for 53 Sony models. We have a huge assortment of designs to make your gadget look perfect. In case you are looking for something special, we are happy to offer you a possibility to develop your personalized Sony phone case of your own design.

The procedure requires little time and effort. First, select the pictures you want to embellish your case with. You can choose up to 32 images. Second, upload them to our online designing tool. Third, arrange your pictures with the help of the tool. Fourth, choose the type of material for your phone cover. It may be polycarbonate (hard cover) or TPU (soft gel cover). Finally, order your customized Sony phone case.

Our store has excellent prices for all phone cases. Besides, we offer attractive wholesale conditions. If you buy more than 5 cases, you will be given a discount, proportionate to the quantity your order.

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