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HTC smartphones were first produced in 2014 in China. Today, this brand is popular worldwide and makes up 5% of all sales on the world mobile phone market.

HTC phones look stylish and elegant. Still, this is something that can make them look more unique – you can create your own personalized HTC custom case! We offer covers for 26 HTC models.

The designing process will not take you more than several minutes. First, you need to upload the pictures you want to see on your phone cover. These can include any kinds of photos, like pictures of your family or friends – anything that brings you joy.

After that, our online designing tool will help you arrange the pictures in a lovely way. If you select several pictures for your design, you can arrange them in a collage. We have 8 collage templates to help you, depending on the quantity of images you include.

When the design is ready, you will be asked to choose the type of material for your case. It can be polycarbonate (hard cover) or TPU (soft gel cover).

Then, make an order and wait for you personalized HTC cover to be delivered to your place.

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