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Cases for Doogee (custom)

Doogee smartphones were first produced in 2014 in Canada and became common in China. The current percentage of Doogee sales make up about 3% of the whole market.

Our online store provides a possibility to create a custom case for 4 Doogee models. You can choose one or several photos (up to 32 photos, in fact) to personalize your Doogee and make it unique.

Ourcustomer-friendly online designing tool will help you to create a perfect design for your mobile device. If you opt for several photos, it will offer you 8 types of collages. After you finish, you will see what you custom Doogee case will look like.

After that, you will be asked to choose the preferable material for your cover. It may be produced from polycarbonate (a hard cover) or from TPU (a soft gel cover). Both of them will serve as a good protection for your phone.

All you have to do afterwards is to make an order at our store. Don’t worry about the delivery – we provide worldwide delivery of any quantity.

We also offer special prices for wholesale – the discount you receive is proportionate to the quantity you offer.

You are welcome to buy low-priced personalized mobile case for Doogee smartphone in our online store. Click now!

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