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Cases for Leagoo

Cases for Leagoo

Leagoo smartphones are a popular choice for people who appreciate good functionality, decent specifications, appealing design and affordability.

Reliable as it is, such a smartphone still needs additional protection to shield it from devastating environmental and physical effects. Accidental falls, scratches, bumps and dust, alongside with UV radiation and humidity contribute to the deprecation of gadgets. Fortunately, we have a Leagoo case to solve the problem.

Our Leagoo protectors are manufactured from the materials of the highest quality – polyacarbonate and TPU. If you need a hard cover for your device, choose the first variant; if you prefer a soft gel material resembling silicone, opt for the second one. Both of them were carefully selected by or technologists for being exceedingly enduring and cost-effective.

Phone covers of our production can be safely used by people with delicate health and even children, as they are absolutely free from toxic elements and odors. Besides, they are hypoallergenic.

We have plenty of designs for Leagoo covers. Browse through our collections to choose accessories that meet all your expectations.

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